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Hi Friends!
Welcome to Erin’s Hungry Heart! This blog is going to chronicle my attempts at a healthy lifestyle. 
Let me start by saying I love food. Everything about it; cooking it, shopping for it, growing it, and of course, eating it! There are a few things I have learned from my love (aka obsession) with food:
  • After college I found that food was no longer my friend. I started to gain some weight, probably about 20lbs. (But I swear it looks more like 30 on someone who is 5’1″)
  • This made me realize if I wanted to keep eating, it had to be healthier
  • It also made me realize that exercise had to be part of my daily life. I’ll be honest, this one took a long time to admit to.
  • I also learned that healthy food is delicious. Yes, I am totally serious!
Fortunately for me, I have two great supporters in my healthy lifestyle journey, in both husband and my Mom. A healthy lifestyle is much easier when others around you are there to motivate you, eat the weird “healthy” meals you experiment with, and act as your workout buddies.
Now, I am not going to pretend that I am the perfect example of health and fitness. My diet largely consists of whole, real, unprocessed foods, without preservatives, artificial ingredients, and added sugar. But I am certainly not perfect. I like ice cream and tortilla chips. I love dark chocolate and red wine. I cook with canned tomatoes and stock from a box. And until recently, my workout routine could be described as sporadic at best.
So while I am certainly no expert, I hope you will join me on my healthy lifestyle journey. If nothing else, I promise you some yummy food, photos, recipes, and maybe a few laughs! And because its like the Boss says: “Everybody’s got a hungry heart”!


  1. Love your new blog! I will be a faithful follower!

  2. Love the picture! And I’ll follow, too, cause I know I’ll learn a thing 9r two! :)

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