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Very Veggie Soup

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Sometimes, after a weekend of heavy food and many desserts, I feel as though I am in desperate need of vegetables.
Thanksgiving was certainly one of those weekends.

I kept throwing vegetable after vegetable into the soup pot yesterday.

Carrots, celery, onion, garlic, zucchini, and asparagus.
Tomatoes and chicken stock.

And finally frozen spinach and corn.
2 cups of water and a can of rinsed white beans, and dinner was done.

Served my favorite way to eat soup; with cheese and croutons. 
I am now officially obsessed with croutons. 
Jerry is also officially obsessed with hot cocoa. 
I laughed to myself yesterday when I saw the container of Swiss Miss on the counter. 

I put it next to the pineapple so you could get an idea of how large this can of powdered hot chocolate is.
It holds 67 servings.
At the top it says “Great for Offices, Restaurants, Schools, Daycares”.

And our little family of two.

Anyone want to come over for hot cocoa?

One Comment

  1. Your soup looks good! I too was obsessed last night with croutons! Cut up the whole loaf of stale bread Lauren left and now it is gone!

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