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Two-Phase Breakfast


I had a very lazy Saturday morning. I blame myself for opening a second bottle of wine last night….
I spent most of the morning lounging on the couch with my coffee and catching up on a couple of my favorite blogs (KERF and CNC). Finally at 11am I was starving!

I couldn’t decide what to make for breakfast. Toast? Eggs? Oatmeal? Upon inspecting the fridge, I realized there were a few things in there that were on their last leg. Some Greek yogurt, raspberries, the end of the multi grain loaf, and some baby greens that were starting to look a little questionable. I decided on toast with a fried egg, and the yogurt with the berries and some granola on top.

Multi-grain toast, baby greens, fried egg, Sriracha sauce

The egg was nice and runny, just how I like my eggs. It was spicy and salty, an interesting contrast to my yogurt and berries.

Fage 0% fat plain yogurt, Cascadian Farms Oats and Honey granola, and raspberries.

I have a confession to make. For the first 29 years of my life I was convinced I hated raspberries. I think it was mostly due to the seeds. They drove me nuts, and I refused to eat them. But Jerry loves them and they were on sale at the grocery store so I bought some. And no surprise, I loved them! It is even worth the seed that is currently lodged in my left upper molar. This phase of breakfast tasted like dessert after my egg.

My blood sugar was so low before I ate that I was having a hard time taking the photos. My hand was shaking too much. I felt better almost immediately after eating. I am hoping the combo of fiber, protein, and fat will keep me full until dinner time. Jerry has a stag party tonight, so I am planning a girly dinner for one!

We are spending our Saturday shopping. Jerry starts his first day as Director of Computer Science Laboratories at Hamilton College on Monday! Gotta make sure his wardrobe is on par with those highfalutin Hamilton students!


  1. Ahhh! Congrats to Jerry! Also, two breakfasts are always better than one.

  2. how awesome for Jerry, BMOC!! :)
    love your egg and toast.
    how about some fresh high halls local strawberries tomorrow?

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