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I hear when you get towards the end of pregnancy you have urges to start nesting.
Does it count that I have been dying to clean the refrigerator, but not actually done it? It seemed to require so much bending over.

Jerry has done an excellent job of taking care of me, especially in the last few weeks. Many runs out to get ice cream, as well as cleaning, and cooking.

Yesterday I hit the spoiled pregnant wife trifecta:

He cleaned the refrigerator, grocery shopped, and cooked dinner.

Clean and full!

A manly meal of steak and potatoes. This of course, is Jerry’s plate. Only a few more weeks and I can eat a steak this rare!

I should mention that he also managed to go for a 6 mile run before dinner. And then after dinner contemplated cleaning the basement. I begged him to sit down!

At least one of us is nesting….


  1. Nesting husbands who clean out the fridge are the best! Mine did the same about 2 weeks before I gave birth. And because I was so lazy towards the end, I didn’t cook much, so it stayed clean!

  2. Glad you are enjoying these last few days :)

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