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Time To Get a Move On


Well I’m not quite sure what I have gotten myself into. I signed up for my second half marathon!  Jerry, my sister Lauren, my brother-in-law Brett and I are all running the Newport Liberty Half Marathon at the end of September. It is a flat, scenic course that runs through Jersey City with views of the Statue of Liberty.

I need to amp up my training! I’m going to aim for 12 miles this week.
Tuesday- 4 miles
Thursday- 2 miles
Saturday-6 miles

Since I don’t have as long as I would like to train, I will be increasing my mileage by 2-3 miles per week, until I am at 25 miles. I am planning on running 4 days a week, with one day of cross training (kickboxing) and one day of strength training (BodyPump). According to my training plan, my longest run only has to be 10 miles. I will be posting my workouts on the blog as a way to keep me accountable for my training schedule.
Here goes nothing!

Yesterday for dinner we went with our favorite summer stand-by, grilled pizza. It was the first time we have done pizza on the new grill, and it was the best yet. It had beautiful grill marks and was so crispy on the outside. Food that is both crunchy and chewy is the best!

We had ricotta, and broccoli sauteed with lots of garlic. Jerry had onions and mozzarella, I had basil and provolone.
Served with a side of local corn. I love corn. I could eat an ear of corn every night with dinner. This was excellent, and didn’t need butter or salt.

Jerry’s favorite Meatless Monday dinner is definitely grilled pizza.
I ate three squares of pizza and my corn was very full. But still wished for another piece of corn.
I think my next grilled pizza might involve corn as a topping. A corn and tomato salad maybe?
Have you tried grilled pizza yet? What is your favorite pizza topping?


  1. Woo – keep running!
    I made grilled pizza last week. My go-to is usually spinach, tomatoes, turkey sausage, mozzarella & lots of basil! This time I used spicy soprasatta instead of sausage and it was so yum :)

  2. Yay for the half marathon! As far as the grilled pizza goes…we love it! My favorite is ricotta cheese, a little mozzarella, chicken and spinach. Jeremy likes his with pizza sauce (don pepinos) mozzarella cheese, and some sort of meat.

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