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Third Trimester


I can’t believe I am already in my third trimester!

Its not that I feel like this pregnancy has been going by quickly (its been slooow), but that means little Baby T will be here in 12 weeks!

Beginning of 2nd Tri:

14 Weeks

Beginning of 3rd Tri:

28 Weeks

Baby T:
Weighs over 2 pounds! It is amazing to me that it took 28 weeks for her to weigh 2 pounds, but in the next 12 she will gain about 5 more. Where is she going to fit?! Right now she is almost 15 inches and the size of a Napa cabbage. I can now feel her all the way up to my ribcage.
She has also grown eyelashes. How cute!

Pre-maternity shirts keep getting shorter and shorter…

My heartburn has gotten steadily worse. I have to take a Pepcid nearly every day, and sometimes it only works for a few hours.
I’m also noticing a few more symptoms. I get short of breath very easily. I can no longer see the part of my stomach below my belly button (without the help of a mirror). And as the days pass I am more and more sure that my belly button is going to pop out soon. For some reason I am traumatized at the thought of this. Are you going to be able to see it through my clothes?

I had no idea I had a little wet spot on my shirt. I can no longer see that part of my belly….

I am also developing a dark line down my belly below my belly button (linea nigra).
I get weighed at the doctor this afternoon, but I am guessing I am up around 18 lbs.

I really need the spring weather to kick in, I only have one coat and a vest left that I can button.

Overall, I would have to agree that the 2nd trimester was great. I am so fortunate to have had a fairly easy pregnancy so far.
A couple of people have asked me if I’m enjoying being pregnant. I was sort of surprised to say that I really do love it.

Before being pregnant, I always assumed I would hate it. It looks so uncomfortable, and there are so many restrictions. And not to mention the horror stories you hear from other women!
But I must say, growing a baby inside me has been absolutely amazing so far. Feeling your baby move makes giving up beer, peeing every 2 hours, and needing assistance putting your shoes on all seem relatively insignificant.
I know I am just getting to the uncomfortable stage of pregnancy, but the thought that I am growing a little person inside me has far outweighed any discomfort.
I am more than happy to lay awake at 5am (when baby is most active) and feel her kick and squirm around inside me.

I am hopeful for the third trimester to be more of the same :)


  1. So sweet, Erin! You look fantastic!

  2. well keep that sunny attitude til the end! You are doing so well and let’s hope the 3rd “tri” is as fun as the first two.

  3. Isn’t pregnancy the coolest? To know that you are growing a new life inside – I just loved it, too. Just you wait til you’re holding baby t!

  4. Isn’t pregnancy the coolest? To know that you are growing a new life inside – I just loved it, too. Just you wait til you’re holding baby t!

  5. Thanks everyone! And I can’t wait to be holding the little peanut!

  6. You look great! Can’t wait for this little bundle of joy this summer!

  7. You are such a cute mommy to be! The only thing better than being pregnant is having that baby in your arms! You’re almost there – YAY!!!

  8. Stellar work there evoeneyr. I’ll keep on reading.

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