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The Leak


My roof is leaking.
I have a cold.
I overcooked dinner.

As I stood on a step stool holding a towel to the upstairs hallway ceiling last night, a few thoughts ran through my mind;

I love my house, but would it be so bad if this awful carpet got ruined?

Good thing I am holding this old towel, so I can wipe up the water running down the walls and the snot dripping from my nose. 

Crap! I forgot to take the stuffed peppers out of the oven!

Just FYI, lentil stuffed peppers do not need to bake for 75 minutes.
In all the commotion with the roof leaking, I forgot to take pictures of dinner.
But the peppers were so darn cute I snapped a few before.

Local Pimento peppers

Come to think of it, I forgot to eat dinner.

Jerry (foolishly/bravely) nailed a tarp on the roof over the leak. In the dark. By himself.
He is going to give me a heart attack, but I am so grateful he stopped the water. The thought that we couldn’t stop the leak and just had to watch our house get soaked was an awful feeling.

After I knew there wasn’t water running into my house, I chugged some NyQuil and out by 9pm.

Now I’m off to do a ‘no more rain dance’.
And to check and see that the carpet upstairs didn’t get “ruined”. 


  1. I thought it was a “leek” post at first! What an awful night. OMG- the peach crisp! ruined or not?Feel better

  2. Not ruined! But either was the carpet….

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