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The Happy Burger


My body is feeling much better than yesterday. My left knee and right foot are still sore, but on their way to getting better.
I’m going to take it easy on the workout front this week.
Maybe a core workout or yoga and then maybe something low impact like the elliptical machine later in the week.
My legs could definitely use the break.

It was nice to get back into the Monday routine after being away.

I had a delicious meatless lunch yesterday.

Mama Pea’s Spicy African Peanut Stew

And played with Sadie after work.

When Sadie wants you to come out and play stands on the deck and barks. 
Then when you get outside, she runs away. She loves to be chased around the yard. 
Crazy dog.
Since it was so gorgeous out Jerry and I decided to grill for dinner.
We defrosted a chuck roast (Tylutki beef) and ground it up for burgers. 
Everything on the plate was from my in-law’s farm except the bun and cheese!
Served with a side of roasted carrots and beets. 
We ate these outside by the fire pit and shared a bottle of wine. 
2008 Cabernet Sauvignon The Crusher from Wilson Vineyard. It was light for a Cab, which is probably why I enjoyed it. Fruity but bold with a nice bite at the end. Not bad for $12.
This burger made me very happy.
I haven’t been eating a lot of meat lately, so maybe that is why this tasted so good. Burgers always taste so juicy and beefy when we grind the meat ourselves. The giant slice of homegrown tomato didn’t hurt the juiciness, either. 
The key to a good burger is to form the patties and then put them in the fridge for at least 30 minutes so they are nice and cold. That way they won’t fall apart on the grill.  It has something to do with the fat not melting too quickly. (Thank you, Bobby Flay).
I guess I’ll have to make up our Meatless Monday meal another day this week!


  1. this made me want a burger very badly.

  2. Love the action shots of Sadie!
    Jerry must have been excited to get that on meatless Monday! I too am now craving a burger :)

  3. silly sadie! this made me want to have grilled carrots :)

  4. Your answer shows real inieeltglnce.

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