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I’m still in relaxation mode after the half marathon.

I did manage to get to the grocery store so I could make dinner last night.

I also had a pre-dinner snack.

The name gets a 10, I thought it was very clever :)

River Horse Hipp-O-Lantern Imperial Pumpkin with a side of buffalo wing cheese. I got this local beer while in New Jersey. I have had River Horse beer on tap there before, but had never seen it in upstate NY.
The beer was very good, although not overwhelmingly spicy or pumpkin-y. I would love to try some of River Horse’s other beers, but this one was not my favorite pumpkin.
¬†After too many pieces of really spicy cheese, it was on to dinner. (I wonder if that’s why the beer tasted bland?)

I was in the mood for Caesar salad, Jerry was in the mood for Chipotle Dip. I combined the two and made a spicy Caesar dressing.

I used my basic Caesar dressing recipe, but used a cup of yogurt, a drizzle of honey, and half of a chipotle pepper.

I loved the homemade multigrain croutons

Jerry had a side of Alexia Waffle Fries. If you haven’t tried Alexia brand frozen foods yet, I recommend you do. The waffle fries are all natural, lightly seasoned, and perfect for dipping.


I have about 10 more pounds of tomatoes from my in law’s garden. I better get cracking on more sauce!

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  1. yum on the awesome looking croutons!
    I have Alexia garlic, rosemary and olive oil potatoes ready for tonight!
    …and EHH, there really is no such thing as too many pieces of cheese :)!

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