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Sadie’s Story


In case you haven’t noticed, I love my dog.

Jerry and I got Sadie from the Stevens-Swan Humane Society. It was May 2008. Jerry and I were engaged, and I had just moved into the house. We both love dogs, so it seemed like a great idea to adopt one. I saw a picture of her online, and we went to meet her. We walked past rows of dogs. Dogs that looked sad, dogs that looked old. I wanted those dogs too. But then we saw Sadie. Standing in her pen on her back legs. Hopping in circles. A big grin plastered on her face. She looked so excited to see us. We took her home later that week.
I’ll be honest, after having Sadie for a week, Jerry and I thought we made the wrong decision about adopting a dog. We had been warned that she had already been adopted and returned. I just kept saying, “Who would return a face like that?!”. Now I understand why. Sadie was not really a ‘house pet’. She is very high strung. She didn’t sit still the entire first year we had her. Not even long enough to be pet. I have never met a dog with more energy.
We have had Sadie three years now, and she has settled right into our family. Despite her “issues” (she licks everything. She does not get along with cats. Or chickens), she is a very good dog. She loves to run with Jerry, stalks the backyard for squirrels, and naps like the true hound she is. She is a daddy’s girl, and much prefers Jerry.

We affectionately call her “Moo”. She will do anything for a treat. Even pose for this picture.

I usually sit at our kitchen table while working on the blog. Writing posts, editing photos, etc. Sadie is usually  outside, hanging around the same window.

“Mom, are you done with that blog post yet?”

“Hi, Dad!”
“Are you cooking chicken for dinner?”

Does anyone else try to imagine the dialogue going on in your pet’s head? Clearly I do.

Sadie has a good nose, I was making chicken for dinner last night.

Chicken Milanese topped with tomatoes and an arugula red onion salad

Somebody kept me company while I took photos of dinner. Doing her best Elvis impression.

I have my fingers crossed that I am going blueberry picking after work. Or at the very least to go buy some just-picked berries. Stay tuned for a post featuring a blueberry dessert!


  1. I love this post so much. Sadie is a really special dog! Love her!

  2. Thanks Denny! We love her too :)

  3. Love this post!!! Jeremy and I thought the same thing when we first got Marley- and now she is an essential part of our family! We couldn’t imagine our lives without her- and her quirks make her who she is. So glad you highlighted that about Sadie! No one- man or dog – is perfect. Wonderful post!!!

  4. Aww, Sadie is such a good Moo. Reading this was the highlight of my day so far!
    I can obviously relate as I am also obsessed with my dog. We have regular conversations (mostly revolving around what we’re eating) nice and since Brett is not home much these days I gave come to realize how lonely I would be without her!

  5. I was laughing til the tears rolled down my face! Her expressions totally match your captions.
    A good dog, lucky to have you and Jerry.
    Awesome story Erin.

  6. Aww sweet girl! I have 4 dogs all rescued. Dinner looks great! :)

  7. Ive been dog sitting for the last two weeks and the dog is CRAZY! Never sits still either and also licks everything! LOL but his lil face is so stinkin cute. But.. i’m sorta glad he’s going back to his owners on Sunday. He terrorizes our cat, and she is our current baby!

  8. Laura: Sounds just like Sadie! I frequently tell her she is lucky she is so cute!

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