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Riding High


Good Morning!
Yesterday afternoon I had to bring Sadie to the vet. She was due for a check-up and needed a shot. I just told her she was going for a ride. She loves riding in the car. 

Weeee! Where are we going?!
I can’t believe you didn’t tell me I was getting a shot

Afterward, I went for my run. I was only going for 3 miles and wanted to take Sadie with me, but she does not behave well on the leash for me. Ok, ok, its just that she runs much faster and would end up dragging me around the neighborhood.

I felt pretty good on my run and ended up finishing with a 9:45 pace.

Mile 1- 10:16
Mile 2- 9:53
Mile 3- 9:08

I’ve made a couple of recipe this week that need a little work before I post them. Like Wednesday’s shredded beef tacos and cole slaw.

The taco seasoning was missing something, and the whole thing fell apart while I was eating it. I guess its back to the drawing board.

Last night’s dinner was quick, and satisfying.
I put 2 pounds of chicken thighs in my slow cooker. I added a cup of beer, a cup of BBQ sauce, a 14oz can of drained diced tomatoes, and a chopped onion. I added salt, pepper, some garlic cloves and a few jalapenos and let it cook on low while I was at work all day.
When it was done I removed the chicken and onions. The chicken was nice and tender and shredded very easily. Then I added more BBQ sauce.

BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwich

I put some crumbled blue cheese on the bottom, more BBQ sauce, and leftover cole slaw on top.
My only mistake with this sandwich was that I didn’t eat it right away. It turned into a soggy mess. Make sure you use a nice hard roll for this sandwich.

After dinner I met Clare at the Balkan for a drink. It was a wonderful evening for sitting outside and enjoying a glass of wine.

a Malbec

We also shared a delicious Caprese salad. We discussed “serious” things, like our favorite baby names and how much we love House Hunters. It was great to chat with Clare before she moves to NYC. She starts her job at the Metropolitan Museum of Art next week.
Good luck, Clare!

Enjoy your Friday, Friends!

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