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Review: Kashi Pesto Pizza

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I am fortunate enough to really enjoy cooking.
But even I have days when the most “cooking” I want to do is preheat the oven and throw in a frozen pizza.
Many frozen pizzas in the grocery store are full of ingredients I can’t pronounce and aren’t really comfortable eating; artificial flavors, emulsifiers, ‘dough conditioners’, and preservatives. What the heck is a dough conditioner?

One all natural choice is Kashi Pesto Stone Fired Thin Crust pizza.
I’m always willing to try Kashi products. They are always all natural, are usually made of whole grains and are high in fiber and protein.

The pizza was topped with basil pesto, caramelized onions, tomatoes, and feta cheese on a multi-grain crust. It was smaller than your typical frozen pizza, and only had 3 servings. Most frozen pizzas have 6.
But you could eat half the pizza for around 360 calories, with 6 grams of fiber and 21 grams of protein. That is only slightly more calories than 1/6 of other frozen pizzas.

The pizza crust looked a little like cardboard, so I was nervous when it came out of the oven. But it actually had a decent chew, and I liked the nutty flavor of the whole grains.
The toppings were also decent. I loved the basil pesto. The feta cheese was a little overpowering and I wished there were more tomatoes. But there was a good amount of cheese.
Overall this was a better than average frozen pizza. I would definitely eat it again. Maybe a B/B+
Is it really stone fired? I doubt it. But at least I knew what all the ingredients were.

One Comment

  1. sometimes a frozen pizza is nice to have and Kashi products are usually good. thanks for the review.
    think it would be a single serving for your bro :)

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