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One More Sleep

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I’m in a bit of a food funk.

For some reason I am craving nothing but warm, heavy meals filled with carbohydrates.
I haven’t had the urge to grocery shop or cook anything ‘fancy’.

Cue last night’s dinner of roasted acorn squash and angel hair pasta with jarred sauce.

Simple, but it was just what I wanted.
Besides, we needed the energy to decorate the Christmas tree!

I must say, Jerry picked out a great tree.
And it was so nice waking up on Sunday morning, walking downstairs, and being hit with a whiff of pine.
I’m not sure anything smells better than a Christmas tree.

While we decorated, Jerry and I watched A Muppet Christmas Carol.
I think this might be my favorite holiday movie.
Is there anything better than listening to Kermit sing One More Sleep Til Christmas? 

So far this holiday season Jerry and I have watched:

  • Love Actually
  • Home Alone
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  • The Santa Clause
  • A Muppet Christmas Carol

What is your favorite holiday movie?

One Comment

  1. Carbs mean winter is coming! Snack and keep watching those Christmas movies. My favorite- Mr Magoo’s Christmas Tale…”razzleberry dressing!”

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