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No Fun Sunday


Well. Sunday was not quite what I had planned….

After church Jerry and I had a nice little lunch on the grill.

Burgers with a side of grilled veggies, enjoyed on the patio.

Water for her, beer for him.

Little did I know our deck would soon look like this.

We have had some issues with water pooling in the corner, so Jerry thought he would remove some of the decking and space out the boards. He also wanted to run some wiring for outdoor speakers. 
He thought it would be a nice afternoon project. 
He found tons of wet, rotted wood on the side of the house and sun room. So much that he had to remove a window. And pull out a bunch of moldy insulation. That animals had clearly been living in. 
Now, I am grateful that Jerry found this problem. And very grateful that he knows how to fix it. 

But of course, I did what any woman who is 37 weeks pregnant would do when she sees a giant hole in her house.
I cried.
And then went to get a hug from my mom.

Sigh. Not the best day to not be able to open a bottle of wine.
So I had the next best thing.

Don’t worry, I got Jerry one, too!


  1. OH my word. If we’re looking on the bright side, no critters roaming your walls, and a shiny, new deck? :)

  2. knowing Jerry, it will be all soon be a bad memory and a new safe dry deck to enjoy will take its place.

  3. ohhhhh boy. Glad the ice cream was ready!

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