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New Tradition


Its been pretty quiet around the Tylutki house.

Jerry and I are headed to Delaware to visit my Aunt Pam and Uncle Mike (AP and UM!) this afternoon.
Jerry is running a half marathon on Saturday, and we are going to do plenty of tax free outlet shopping for Christmas. We are also hoping to take a tour of the Dogfish Head Brewery.

Because we are going to be away all weekend, I didn’t do any grocery shopping this week. Jer and I have been eating random leftovers and odds and ends from the fridge all week.

On Tuesday I had leftover spaghetti with a blob of ricotta cheese on top. I steamed some asparagus that had seen better days, and Mom brought over a delicious kale-red cabbage-tofu salad seasoned with sesame and soy.
My dinner Wednesday was identical, but eaten out of individual tupperware containers.

I wish I had taken a picture of my lunch this week. For three days I have been eating avocado and tomato on 12 grain bread. Delicious sandwich!
Since I’ve been a little short on protein this week, I have been making sure to eat Chobani Greek yogurt or a glass of milk with each meal.

Jerry has been eating the even more random leftovers in the fridge.
The questionable turkey burgers from last week. What looked like Thanksgiving leftovers from his mother, mixed with leftovers from a holiday dinner we had with his colleagues on Sunday.
What goes better together than stuffing and chicken riggies?
I actually felt relieved when he came home with 2 slices of pizza for dinner last night.

I’m so excited to see AP and UM this weekend. We used to spend lots of holidays at their house when they lived here. Christmas Eve was my favorite.
Unfortunately my brother Craig and sister Kate have to work. But Mom, Dad, Lauren, and Brett will be there this weekend, too. 

I know as we get older, sometimes holiday traditions change (especially when you get married and have two families).
I am so happy that a December trip to Delaware is becoming a new tradition.
There is nothing better than spending time with family at the holidays.

Cheers to Christmas traditions, both new and old!


  1. Wish I could be there :(

  2. Traditions are tough as families change nothing makes me happier than having all my children together, will miss Kate, but new traditions will have to be made.
    Cheering jerry and seeing the Serfs are good traditions for this weekend!

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