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My Speedfreak

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Last evening I accompanied my favorite goofball to the Utica Road Runners 2011 awards dinner.

Did I mention he is a goofball and a Speedfreak ?

He won the Grand Prix (most points in a series of Road Runner sponsored races) in his age group.

He also was awarded a jacket as part of the ‘1000 mile club’.

He actually ran over 2200 miles in 2011!

After winning a door prize (a 6 pack of Saranac), Jerry had one more award to collect.

He was named the 2011 Male Roadrunner of the Year!

I was so proud!
Jerry spends hours training, and logs between 50-75 miles per week. He does long runs, tempo runs, hills, track work. He runs in good weather and bad. (And he always makes time to run with his not-so-speedy wife!).
Jerry works hard at any task you give him in life, and running is no different. His dedication is an inspiration to me.

*I was very proud that I managed not to cry when he was presented with his award last night.
I have however, gone through 4 tissues just writing this post. I guess you can’t win em all!

It was a lovely way to start off our weekend.

I started off my Saturday with this delicious breakfast:

Part 1: decaf and cantaloupe

Part 2: steel cut oats with coconut and Wild Squirrel Curious Cocoa-Nut

Next up we are going out to lunch with our friends Kevin and Sara this afternoon. And then we are off to see the Hunger Games!
I am so excited. I read the books over a year ago (on a recommendation from Sara), and loved them. Can’t wait!

Enjoy your weekend!

One Comment

  1. So proud of Jerry. What a great recognition.
    The J.Tylutki family just keeps getting better…:)

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