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Looking on the Bright Side


If you are anything like me, (or every other person I know), sometimes you have a bad day.Yesterday was one of those days.
But lately, I’ve been trying to add more positivity to my life. Negative thoughts only make things worse. Wallowing in self pity is not a productive past time. I want to be one of those ‘the glass is half full’ people.

So I am moving past my bad day.

Which is easy when you have a wonderful family to cheer you up.
And a husband who can make you feel better with just a look.
And a coonhound who crawls into your bed at 4am because there is a thunderstorm. And proceeds to sleep on you.

It is so easy to dwell on all the difficult, unfair, crappy things that life hands you. But there is always a bright side. A silver lining. Sometimes you just have to look really hard for it.

If you are like me, adorable dog photos will always cheer you up. Here are a few of last night’s dinner guest:

Seamus, world’s cutest dog

Turn one negative thought in to a positive one today. And have a HAPPY day!


  1. love this post, sometimes the bright side presents itself when you are not looking for it :)
    your dinner guest was very cute!
    Happy days ahead, EHH.

  2. thanks Erin….I could use a bright side today. Love ya

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