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Last Chance Lunch


Well, sort of a last chance. Starting Tuesday my office changes over to half hour lunches. That means no more coming home and enjoying lunch with Sadie. I will have to start doing a better job of planning my lunches in advance. Eating healthy is much easier when you have a plan!
My plan for this lunch was a big salad.

I had a bed of baby lettuce and spinach with a big blob of Greek yogurt in the middle. I warmed up some of the grilled zucchini from Wednesday’s dinner and tossed it on top. A little cucumber, a tablespoon of crumbled feta, and 1/4 of a skanky looking leftover avocado completed it. I finished it with a squeeze of lemon. On the side is a small piece of the leftover pizza from last night’s dinner. (Don’t worry, I have posts about Wednesday and Thursday dinner coming soon!)
I enjoyed my salad on the patio with Sadie.

Can I have another cucumber?!

I shared some of the cucumbers with her. That dog will eat just about anything, but she really loves crunchy vegetables.
Even though it is Friday and I wanted to come home and crash after work, I went to a killer TurboKick class at Studio 55. Loved it!
Jerry and I are headed to Symeon’s for dinner with my sister and brother in law, Jess and Jeremy. One of our favorite restaurants, hands down. I’m trying to branch out from the Thracian Chicken I usually get. Last time I got the salmon. It was delicious. Maybe I’ll try something different tonight.
Enjoy your Friday night!


  1. I assume many of you have been to Symeon’s. What is everyone’s favorite dish?

  2. I thought it was the Thracian Chicken, but your husband has me hooked on that unlisted wrap – what was it’s name? Chicken, eggplant, and roasted red peppers….delicious! Pair that wrap with a salad and your have an amazing meal. :)

  3. so what did you get Erin?

  4. I wimped out and got the salmon again. It was delish!

  5. the fish wrapped in the phyllo is very good!!!

  6. I always order the spanikopita. Spinach is healthy, but is that entire dish? Idk!

  7. Oh the fish in a phyllo is good! But I have never tried their spanikopita, that will be next on my list.

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