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Brrr! Chilly morning.

But there is sunshine in the forecast, so I’ll take it.

I’ve been kind of lazy about dinner this week.
Wednesday we had Japanese takeout.
I had seafood soup and a vegetable roll with asparagus, cucumber and avocado.

They messed up Jerry’s order and instead of Oyakodon, he ended up with fried chicken and a side of rice.
He seemed less annoyed than I did.
Plus he ate the leftover chicken over a salad for dinner last night. I had a smoothie and leftover pasta from Tuesday.

On Monday, Jerry made dinner while I sat on the couch with Braxton Hicks contractions.
This was a dinner he had been requesting for a few weeks. And he even took pictures while he cooked!

Sauteed peppers and onions, some shaved beef, and a pile of cheese.


I am not ashamed to admit that I poured a lake of ketchup on my plate and then ate the whole thing.
This was a large sandwich, and I was surprised I could finish it. Probably because it was so delicious.
I should let Jerry cook more often!

As a side note, I have been trying to think of meals to stock my freezer with for when the baby is born.
It is going to be July, so I am trying to come up with things other than soups and casseroles. I doubt I am going to want to turn my oven on to heat up a lasagna….
Other than stocking the fridge with items to grill (salmon, chicken, burgers, etc), I am coming up blank.

Any suggestions?


  1. how about freezing batches of sauteed veggies, then you can boil pasta or rice or stir fry or have on the side of something off the grill

  2. You can also stock the freezer with items to grill. Also, cooked ground beef/turkey/venison/whatever freezes very well. Hello tacos! If you season the meat before you freeze it, all you have to do is heat and eat.

    Another thing I really enjoyed immediately post-partum was some frozen pulled pork. You can cook it in the crock pot now, then freeze in portion sizes. It’s great on a sandwich with some coleslaw.

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