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Goodbye House


Jerry worked his butt off helping my parents move this weekend.
When I asked what he wanted for dinner his response was grilled pizza and ice cream.
Fine by me!

Garlic, ricotta, and fresh mozzarella pizzas with some grilled corn.
And someone had a Mediterranean mojito on the side. (A regular mojito made with basil instead of mint).

It was sad saying goodbye to my old house.
But last night, as I sat in my parent’s new living room eating my pistachio soft serve, I realized I really like the new place too.
Its going to be a great place to make some new memories.

So goodbye to a great house!

my bedroom :)

2012 has so many new things in store!


  1. I dont like that empty house :(

  2. Leaving a place,a house, but not the memories or the family and friends.
    New memories are being made.

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