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Fresh Start

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I was in a bit of a kitchen funk today. I made Jerry chipotle chicken salad to bring for lunch this week and added too much chipotle. I’m working on a new cookie bar recipe and got lackluster results at my first attempt. I was experiencing a lack of inspiration in planning my meals this week, so I skipped the grocery store all together. 

I did successfully chop basil for my Mom’s mozzarella salad tonight.

Mom also made Sarah Matheny’s (Mama Pea) Thai Veggie Burgers. They were chick pea based with a ginger-soy flavor. I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor of these burgers. I am pretty picky about the texture of my veggie burgers, and this one was pretty good. Fairly firm with a nice crispy exterior.
I won’t post the recipe since it can only be found in the Peas and Thank You cookbook, but if you email me, I can give you a few hints :)

Topped with tomato, avocado, Sriracha

Here’s to hoping Monday brings a fresh start for my kitchen mojo!

One Comment

  1. well, so hot to be in a kitchen these days! Fall cooking is very inspiring. :)
    you and jerry certainly brought the home improvement mojo to us this weekend, thanks toooo much!

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