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Forecasts and Banana Bread


The forecast for Monday keeps getting worse and worse.
By worse and worse, I mean hotter and hotter!

Jer seems pretty disappointed that he trained all winter for a marathon, only for it to be 81 degrees when the race starts. One forecast has the temps hitting 90.
He has adjusted his goal from trying to run his fastest marathon, to running in 26.2 miles in 3 hours.
Still a speedy goal!

I’m trying to distract him from weather forecasts by continuing to stuff him full of carbs.

Last night’s baked ziti tasted amazing to me. Maybe because we covered it in about 1/2 pound of mozzarella.

I ate two servings this size, and probably could have eaten more.
Jerry ate his pasta with two pieces of garlic toast. He is taking the carbo loading very seriously.

This morning I made him a big stack of homemade whole wheat pancakes with blueberry sauce. I was too busy making more pancakes to get a picture.

But I did have this is in the oven while we ate pancakes:

Daily Garnish’s Blueberry Greek Yogurt Banana Bread.

I chose this recipe because it was low in fat, and high in carbs.

I stole a piece while it was still a little warm. I’m not a huge fan of banana bread, but this was surprisingly good. It was less dense than traditional banana bread (I assume because there isn’t a lot of fat). It had a nice spongy texture, and I really loved the blueberries. Next time I would add an extra half cup. 
I’ll pack some up for Jerry to take on the road with him tomorrow. 
I am staying home while he is in Boston, and I am having serious anxiety about it. I hate to not be there when he runs.
But is is going to be a long day, and not to mention incredibly hot. I guess it is better that I stay home. 
Plus his Dad is running the marathon also, so he won’t be alone.
And there is a nice feature on the Boston Marathon website, that lets you track athletes by entering their name or bib # .
You can even get text message updates sent when a runner crosses certain checkpoints.
If anyone is interested, Jerry’s bib # is 1812, and the race starts at 10am!

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