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Feeling the Burn


My hamstrings hurt. My feet hurt. And I may lose (another) toe nail.

But I made it 8.5 miles today.

I fueled my run with a small banana, peanut butter, and half a cup of coffee.

I also took a Gu halfway through my run. The Strawberry-Banana flavor gets two thumbs up.

8.52 miles in 1:28:32

I am loving my new running visor. I don’t sweat profusely when I run. Except from my head. My pony tail always ends up soaking wet. The visor does a great job of keeping sweat (and sun) out of my eyes.

A 10:23 overall pace. I ran negative splits, starting with an 11:04, and ending with a 10:01. I never really mean to run negative splits, it kind of just happens. After about 6 miles my legs go on autopilot. They just sort of keep moving, and I can’t really make them go faster or slower.  Its a very strange feeling, like my legs aren’t connected to my upper body. They almost feel numb? Weird.

I rewarded myself with grilled pizza for lunch. It had ricotta, arugula, and grilled eggplant.

I stole a small piece of Jerry’s BBQ chicken pizza.  He ran 20 miles at a 7:38 pace this morning. He said it felt slow. Seriously.

Jerry volunteered to cook at our church festival tonight. I might just walk around and take some photos. And hit up the beer tent with my Dad, of course.

I hope everyone is surviving Irene!!!

Do you use an energy gel when you run?

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