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Fed by Mom


I’ve been pretty lazy about grocery shopping lately.

I never manage to get there on the weekend. And then the thought of stopping after work just sounds exhausting.
I even made a meal plan and a list last week, but our fridge has nothing to show for it.

Good thing we have been fed by others this week. 

Jerry planted my Mom a vegetable garden in the blistering heat on Monday.




Lunch break


I am totally jealous of the garden. Lots of tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, and herbs.

Mom sent us home with dinner to put on the grill.
Chicken for her, steak for him.

She also fed us dinner on Tuesday night. (Awesome BLTs that I was too lazy to photograph).

Wednesday night’s dinner was courtesy of Jerry’s Mom, who sent us home with sauce on Sunday.

I pretended the peppers were a serving of vegetables. Pathetic.

In an attempt to be productive, I decided to pack for the hospital last night.
No, not a bag of things I will need.

But cookies I could put in the freezer and then grab when we head to the hospital.

Oatmeal Almond Joy Bars (in cookie form)

I hear it is smart to snack during labor, to keep your energy up.
Who needs a change of underwear when you have cookies?
I have priorities, people.

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