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Father’s Day

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Happy Father’s Day Folks!

What a busy weekend! I have to do a better job of blogging when I am busy!

Friday: Friday dinners at our house in the summer are usually grilled pizza. But first Jer and I took Sadie for a walk on the SUNY IT campus. There are some great walking trails up by the soccer field.
When we got home I decided I would make my own dough. I found a delicious recipe here.
I made the dough in my Kitchen Aid mixer. I halved the recipe since it was just the two of us. I threw in one tablespoon of fresh chopped rosemary, but I wish I added more. When the dough came together it was time to knead. Remember to take your rings off, or you will be picking goo out of them for a week!

I kneaded for a few minutes until I had a lovely dough ball.

Then it went into an oiled bowl to rise. While I let the yeast do its magic I cooked some turkey sausage and grated some mozzarella. I cut back on the cheese in the pizza and used arugula for the lettuce.

Yum! Arugula is my favorite green, but Jerry doesn’t love it. He did like it on a pizza as opposed to a salad. This was a winner, I would definitely make it again.

Saturday: Was kind of a blur of strawberries, sun tea, and baking. I picked more berries with Mom and repeated the washing/freezing process.

Another 9 pounds!

And I made sun tea. I’m not sure if everyone knows what sun tea is, but in my family it is a summer tradition. You basically fill up a glass container with water, add some tea bags, and leave it in the sun for a few hours to brew. As a kid I remember my Mom making it in glass Byrne Dairy milk jugs. I made mine in a two quart Ball jar. It was orange pekoe with a few sprigs of fresh mint and a cut lemon.

Hour 1
Hour 2
Hour 3

I finished off Saturday by making my Dad his favorite dessert, Boston Cream Pie. I love to bake, but I normally stick with simple things, like cookies, breads, and bars. Cakes are tough! I spent what felt like hours in the kitchen, but got some excellent results.

Sunday: Busy! Spinning at 7am, then off to watch Jerry in the Summer Sizzle road race at 8:30. He came in 3rd and ran five miles in 29:33! So proud of him.

Then we were off to Norwich, NY for a family graduation/birthday/Father’s Day party with Jerry’s family. Then it was back home for cake and a baseball game with Dad.

I hope you all had a wonderful Father’s Day!

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  1. you need to go to work and rest!
    thanks for the introduction to spinning. liked it!
    your cake was so good, Dad liked it

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