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Fat Required

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I’ve been struggling to eat vegetables this week.
Its probably because I ran out of pumpkin.
Or more likely because I ate way too many roasted beets on Monday.
That is a mistake I won’t make twice.

Last night I was more than happy to get my serving of vegetables from another batch of Naked Tomato Sauce.

I also had some leftover ground beef from Monday’s burgers hanging out in the fridge.
It seemed like the perfect reason to make meatballs.

I also baked some eggplant slices, and then topped them with sauce and provolone cheese. Super easy and I felt better that I was eating another serving of vegetables.
Although, it was probably negated by all the provolone I snacked on. What is with me and cheese lately?

The meatballs tasted great, but the texture was a little off.

Tylutki Beef if is always very lean. Even this ground chuck didn’t have much fat. It is probably because their cows are grass fed. Which basically means they walk around all day in a pasture, instead of standing still and munching on corn. 

Normally this is a quality of the beef I appreciate.
Except when it comes to meatballs. 
With meatballs, you need the fat!

I usually use a pork and beef combo when I make meatballs. The pork is high in fat and the beef gives great flavor.
When you are making meatballs from a leaner meat, try adding a glug of olive oil to the meat mixture.
I know it seems counter-intuitive to add fat to lean meat. But, you are still avoiding the saturated fat and cholesterol from the meat. And the oil will add moisture and your meatballs will have a nice soft texture. 

Lauren used this trick with her turkey meatballs last weekend. They were delicious, moist, and had an amazing delicate texture.

My test for a good meatball is whether or not you can cut it with a fork. You should never need a knife to cut a meatball!

Have you ever had a really good/awful meatball?

One Comment

  1. I need to get my hands on some of that Tylutki beef! I like a soft meatball and the turkey meatballs came out great thanks to your olive oil trick. I’ve pretty much given up ordering meatballs when out unless I know they are good!

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