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Early Present

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Jerry and I never have a fridge full of leftovers after Thanksgiving.

We ate plenty of leftovers at my parent’s house this weekend, so I wasn’t disappointed at the lack of turkey in my fridge.

Last night Jerry fried some chicken in our new cast iron skillet.

The skillet was supposed to be a Christmas present for me. But a certain bored coonhound dragged it out of its hiding place yesterday and chewed on the plastic it was wrapped in.

I wish I was making this up.
We really need to fix the latch on the office door.
Or find a better place to hide Christmas presents….

Her punishment was to help Jerry cook dinner.

The chicken was dipped in flour, egg, and then breadcrumbs. Then fried in canola oil and a little butter.
Its not exactly the healthiest way to eat chicken, but it sure was delicious.

While Jerry cooked the chicken I remembered that we somehow ended up taking home leftover mashed potatoes from Thursday dinner #2.
We decided to make potato cakes, one of my favorite ways to eat leftover mashed potatoes.

We simply added a few ounces of grated pepper-jack cheese, an egg, a little garlic powder, and a few tablespoon or two of milk to the potatoes (depending on how dry/moist your leftover taters are).
Form into patties, and then coat in breadcrumbs.
Then pan fry them in the skillet until brown on both sides.

Not the most attractive meal, but it tasted delicious!

What is your favorite way to eat Thanksgiving leftovers?
Mine is Mom’s turkey soup!

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  1. Turkey soup FAIL! rice not macaroni and so so bland, I did not love and Craig gave it a “swing and a miss!” on that note you are welcome to come and try and kick it up :)

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