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Drumroll Please…


….we’re having a GIRL!

After a chat with Jerry, I decided I really did want to know if we were having a son or a daughter.

It would have been nice to be surprised, but I kind of wanted to know more about the little life growing inside me.

Gorgeous pink tulips from Mom :)

I was so excited during the sonogram that I cried.
Not surprising really, because everything makes me cry while pregnant.

Most of the things I cry over aren’t even really sad. 
TV commercials. Human interest stories on the Today Show.  The Ellen Show when she gives something to a deserving family. (That was the worst, I have actually stopped watching it).
A few weeks ago I bawled during a re-run of NCIS that I had already seen three times.

Having a sonogram is one of my favorite parts of pregnancy so far. It is so amazing to see the baby and hear the heartbeat. We could actually see the two ventricles in her heart moving yesterday.
And to watch her grow! The sonogram tech said she weighs half a pound and her head already measures over 3 inches. We even saw a little ear!

I have really appreciated the sonograms early on, when you can’t really feel the baby moving.
I’m pretty sure I felt some movement late last week (and maybe last night?), but I can’t wait until it becomes more regular. And for Jerry to be able to feel her, too  :)

On the food front, I have Jerry obsessed with Cobb salad.
He had never heard of a Cobb salad before. When I told him it involved bacon, hard-boiled eggs, and blue cheese, he was sold.

We went with the usual players in a Cobb salad:
Romaine, hard boiled-egg, chopped bacon, tomatoes, and avocado. Instead of crumbled blue cheese, I used a chunky blue cheese dressing. I added half a tablespoon of lemon juice to cut down on some of the fat in the dressing.This worked out well, since the salad was already full of fat, I appreciated the more acidic dressing.
I would have preferred crumbled blue cheese and a vinaigrette. But frankly, I forgot to put cheese on the grocery list.
Blue cheese used to be a no-no for pregnant ladies, but I did a little research and it is fine as long as it is pasteurized. Every variety of blue cheese, feta, and brie I have found in our grocery store has been pasteurized.

Jerry added red onion to his, of course.
He also ordered this when we went out for dinner last night. We celeberated my Dad’s 56th birthday.
Happy Birthday, Dad!
Jer said the salad at Bennu Cafe was ok. I’ll keep you posted on his new-found mission to find the best Cobb salad.

What is everyone making for the Superbowl? 
I am going to attempt to make a lighter version of chicken wing dip, using Greek yogurt.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Aww congrats! I cried with both of my kids too. Knowing what you are having makes you even more connected with your baby. You can start personalizing everything. Name, clothes, baby gear. Your salad looks amazing :)

  2. love this this post! love you, love jerry, love HER!

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