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Down Time


Its been a quiet week here at the Tylutki house.
I’ve gotten to veg on the couch, do some baking, and get a few good treadmill and elliptical workouts in.

On Monday I was off from work and watched my adorable niece, Maggie.

We watched cartoons and played with Play Doh.

And we went to the zoo!

Sea lions and Mags, so cute!

I also managed to do a little baking. I made Jerry brownies for Mardi Gras.
(In my opinion, Ghirardelli makes the best box brownie mix).

I also made these delicious orange scones last night.

Can you spot which one is Jerry’s?

I’m currently enjoying one with steamed milk and a splash of coffee. I really should buy some decaf or tea for mornings when I want a warm drink.

I also made some vegetarian stuffed peppers on Wednesday.
They were full of whole wheat couscous, black beans and veggies. And topped with pepper jack cheese.

They were good, but not the best stuffed peppers I have made.

Last night’s noodles were a different story.
We had veggies, chicken, and rice noodles in a spicy peanut sauce.

Snow peas with red and orange peppers for the veggies.

Peanut butter, soy sauce, rice vinegar, Sriracha, garlic, ginger, and lime juice for the sauce.
Somebody really enjoys when I cook with peanut butter….

The noodles came out fantastic!

I’m working on the sauce recipe, and will post it on the recipe page this weekend.

Jerry said dinner was so good he would order them in a restaurant. Now that is a compliment!
Imagine what he would have said if my grocery store wasn’t out of the scallions I wanted to put in there? 

TGIF, friends!


  1. Oh the peanut noodles look amazing.

  2. My guess is that giant scone in the middle was Jerry’s?!?!
    I’s like that recipe too please!

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