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Dough Knots and Trader Joe’s


It’s been a week of fast dinners at our house this week.

Monday I was sick, so Jerry ordered Chinese food while I stayed plastered firmly to our couch.

He also helped my parents with a few last minute projects on their house. They are officially moving on Friday!

After another stop at my parents house on Tuesday, Jer and I made a quick run to the grocery store.
I came home and threw together an easy Indian dinner.

We stopped at Trader Joe’s in New Jersey on our way home this weekend. I picked up this Masala sauce, and was excited to try it.

I sauteed onion, garlic, and red peppers, and then added a chopped potato and one cup of water.
After they simmered for a while, I added chopped chicken and the sauce.

This cooked covered for about 15 minutes. I threw in some frozen peas and dinner was ready!
(Thanks to leftover white rice from our takeout on Monday).

I really wish we lived closer to a Trader Joe’s.
I’m not generally a fan of jarred sauces, but this was pretty good and very easy.
For my taste, it could have been a little spicier, but I would definitely buy it again.

Last night’s dinner was equally as fast.
To be honest, dinner was fast because I was cranky.
I hadn’t eaten since 2pm and by the time dinner rolled around 5/6 hours later, my blood sugar was way low. I had heartburn and nothing sounded appealing for dinner. So Jerry offered to make a salad.

I took out some pizza dough and made Dough Knots. (aka my family’s version of garlic knots).

So we ate big salads with dough knots dipped in a pile of herbed ricotta cheese.
This random dinner tasted amazing to me. Jerry and I ate almost an entire pound of pizza dough.

I will be happy to share a recipe for Dough Knots soon.
Frankly, they are so special they deserve a separate post. And multiple batches.

Does anyone else love Trader Joe’s?
Rumor has it Albany and possibly Rochester are getting stores. I sense a road trip in my future…

I’m brainstorming another quick dinner for tonight. We have our first childbirth class this evening!


  1. Rochester is definitely getting a TJs, it’s on the website as “Coming Soon”. And it’s Pittsford so it’s this side of Rocacha, and not far from the Thruway. I absolutely plan on going as frequently as possible.

  2. Say whaaaaaaa? Trader Joe’s in the land of…Wegmans?! You don’t say!

  3. The Trader Joe’s in Albany is opening right across from my office! I’m so excited (if I can deal with leaving the baby and going back to work, that is) to go there.

    I really can’t wait to read about your Dough Knots. I love pizza dough so much I eat it raw. Is that weird?

  4. I am up for trips to Trader Joe’s and Wegmans :)
    Joie, my husband eats raw pizza dough all the time! He even likes his pizza slightly undercooked.

  5. That is super exciting! While I do love Wegmans, Trader Joe’s is great for so much – nuts, nut butter, a better selection of organic and that salted caramel dark chocolate!

  6. I will NOT be ashamed to admit I will be going ALOT to Albany
    love the dough knot/salad dinner :)

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