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Dog vs Vitamins


I can always count on Mom to cook a healthy dinner.
I can thank her for introducing me to quinoa, chia seeds, almond milk, beets, overnight oats, and banana soft serve. The list could go on and on.

Last night Jerry and I joined Mom and Dad for dinner for a taco spread.

No, that is not my wine!

Mom made tempeh filling with a spicy chipotle lime sauce. Delicious! Plus tons of toppings; cheese, lettuce tomato, olives, onions, and yogurt.
I’m not sure I can name a single dinner that makes men more happy than ‘Make Your Own Taco Night’.
I wish I had taken a picture of Jerry’s dinner.
He took a soft whole wheat taco shell and put a layer of yogurt on. Then he wrapped it around his already filled hard taco shell. (Reminiscent of Taco Bell’s ‘Cheesy Gordita Crunch’).
Not only is his method yummy, but helps the filling from falling out of the hard taco shell.
I have married a genius.

There was one unpleasant aspect of the trip to my parent’s house.

It is for sale!  :(
I have threatened to loiter outside during Sunday’s open house and tell people it has mold. And ghosts.

I’m not-so-secretly hoping it doesn’t sell quickly and we can have the holidays there one last time.

On another unhappy note, I was pretty certain that Sadie was going to die yesterday.

Jerry and I came home last night to find this:

Yes, she ate 60 men’s multi-vitamins.
She grabbed them off the back of the counter. And removed them from the plastic Rite Aid bag, then chewed through the box and container. Seriously?!
I was completely convinced that this would kill her.
Just like the time a few years ago when we came home from a movie and found that she had eaten 3/4 pound of coffee beans. 
What is my dog thinking?

Luckily, the vitamins didn’t contain any iron. Iron is toxic in large doses, to both dogs and humans.
We called the vet who recommended we induce vomiting with hydrogen peroxide.
Sadie threw up, but the vitamins must have already dissolved.
She seems to be doing fine this morning.
But apparently last week’s Naughtiest Coonhound post came far too soon. 

She will now spend her days banned from the kitchen. If she continues to get into trouble, we will have to think about crating her again.

As I frequently say;
She is lucky she’s cute.


  1. What’s wrong with that dog?!

  2. Aw Sadie Mae… You look very sorry! You can come to the new house when we move and then you wont be mad home alone.

  3. Awwww… are you guys home less? Maybe she’s acting out because she misses you? Or maybe not. That happened with my dogs when we were gone more often. And so sad the house is going up for sale! Made me have a random thought tho… whatever happened to Caitlin Brennan?

  4. Su: I don’t think we are home less than normal. She seems to be naughty after Jerry takes her for a run. It’s like she’s overstimulated or something.
    I haven’t seen her in ages! I think she is married, though.

  5. This reminds me that I need to do taco night more often!
    My dog also gets naughty when we’re not home as much but I don’t k ow what is going on with poor Sadie :(

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