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Dog and Baby


Some of you may be wondering how Sadie is adjusting to life with a baby.

alarmShe has reacted how I thought she would; generally disinterested.

She does have her moments of curiosity.


And she is more than happy when she gets some cuddling time with me and Jerry.


Surprisingly, she has only tried to lick Virginia a few times. She does get concerned when she cries. She will walk over to the bassinet and check on her.

She has also started to freak out when the doorbell rings. Sadie always got excited when people came to the door, but now she barks loudly. Maybe she is trying to protect Ginny?

Overall I think Sadie is adjusting very well. We take her on walks when we head out with the stroller.

I think she enjoys being a big sister.



  1. Too cute! Someday they will be best friends!!

  2. Sadie is such a good girl :) I bet she loves Virginia and will be a good protector of her from squirrels and birds in the backyard :)

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