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Coffee Please


Its a pot o’ coffee kinda morning.

Still brewin’

Half-caff. Shh, don’t tell Jerry.

If my heartburn wasn’t so bad, I would drink a lot more decaf.  Some mornings, it is totally worth the fiery consequences.

A thunderstorm rolled through last night. Sadie woke me up and I assumed she had to go out to go to the bathroom. Convenient, since I also had to use the bathroom.

But then I heard the thunder. And let her crawl into bed next to Jerry.
What a baby.

I am usually tired towards the end of the week, regardless of frightened dogs in my bed.
Yesterday I felt like I was dragging myself around the office. I really don’t know how pregnant women work full time when they don’t have a desk job. Cashiers? Waitresses? Teachers? I admire them.

Jerry suggested a walk after work. After a slow 30 minute stroll around the neighborhood, I felt a lot better.

Because it was so nice I went to the grocery store to get burgers for grilling.

Lots of spicy mustard. And more corn!

Plus a few strawberries for dessert.

I need to work on my nightly ice cream habit, and the berries seemed to do the trick.

Ok, ok, we were actually out of ice cream.
Must remedy that this weekend!

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