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I’ve never been the most graceful person in the world.
As a 9 year old dance student I ran into a metal ballet barre and knocked myself out cold.
And I wasn’t even taking ballet.

Yesterday, as I was getting into my car after lunch, I banged my knee HARD. I can’t even tell you on what. The dashboard?
But it is bruised and swollen and hurts to stand on.

So that brings me to a grand total of one workout in the past 8 days.
I really felt my body needed some rest after the half marathon, but this is more than enough! I’m hoping my knee feels good enough to get back to Body Pump on Friday.

After doing some baking (that involved pumpkin, of course) I wanted to make a quick dinner.

My basil plants were looking a little yellow, so I wanted to put them to good use before a frost comes. We’ve had lots of pasta lately, so I thought they might go good in grilled cheese.

I used the same basic recipe as my Arugula Pesto, but used all basil.

I slathered the pesto on one side of some multigrain bread and the cheese and tomato on the other side.

A panini press makes for a gooey, crispy grilled cheese sandwich.

You could also put a heavy pan on the sandwich and then put some canned goods on top to weigh it down.

I dipped mine in a puddle of pesto. Jerry had good ol’ Campbell’s Tomato Soup.

I meant to serve a salad with dinner, but forgot to get lettuce yesterday.
Then I meant to put an acorn squash in the oven, but it completely slipped my mind.
Basil counts as a vegetable, right?

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  1. hahaha! i totally remember the barre incident! Sorry to laugh at your expense, but i remember that like it was yesterday and I havent thought about that in years!!! :-) Hope your knee is ok!

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