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…to my lovely husband, who started his new job today!
We celebrated last night with minty drinks. They were a take on a mojito, Jerry’s favorite drink. Faux mojitos? Faux-jitos? Silly names aside, they were delicious.

They were made with fresh mint, Newman’s Own Virgin Limeade, and a splash of seltzer. Jerry’s had dark rum, mine had coconut. It tasted like a tropical vacation. That might have just been the coconut…
We dragged ourselves to the grocery store around 7:30 last night and came home and fired up the grill. (After we made our drinks, of course). Jerry had sausage, I had chicken.

Baby greens and arugula, tomatoes, and lemon yogurt dressing. The chicken was marinated in Symeon’s seasoning, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar.
And another ear of that evil corn from Saturday night! Jerry grilled the corn this time, and it was just as bad as the other night. I can’t wait until local corn season comes around!
I’m off to TurboKick and then back home to hear about Jer’s first day of work!


  1. I have blueberry cookies for Jer’s first day at work…pick them up after Turbokick

  2. Good luck to Jerry. I hope his first day went well. It may take a few weeks to get into the swing of things but hopefully it turns out to be the job he’s been waiting for. :)
    Love the Faux-hitos.

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