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Celebrate Mom

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I hope everyone had a lovely Mother’s Day!
Jerry and I had a nice breakfast with his mom, and then spent the afternoon with mine.
Still can’t believe that I will be a Mom soon!

It was a beautiful day yesterday. Perfect for grilling! Tons of veggies were thrown on, in honor of Mom.
HHMom cut meat out of her diet a few years ago, but doesn’t love the label “vegetarian”.
She just prefers to eat vegetables!

Peppers, onions, tomatoes, mushroom, and sweet potatoes.
Plus a little chicken and lamb for the meat-eaters.

Can’t forget the corn! Definitely not local yet, but still pretty tasty.

And dessert! Angel food cake and a strawberry/blueberry sauce.

I am lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful mothers.
And very lucky that my Mom is one of my best friends.
The idea of me becoming a mother is much less scary when I have such good examples in my life.

One Comment

  1. awwww…It was a beautiful day.
    The pictures of the food are so nice.
    Looks good on my fiesta dishes :)
    I always credit my love of being a Mom because MY Mom was so wonderful. It is important to have good examples and role models. The tradition continues with you Erin Rose!

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