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Busy Week Night


I had a late meeting at work last night, which is uncommon for me.

So I ate dinner at 5:30, which is also uncommon for me.

I made some whole wheat couscous and poured some leftover soup on top.

Couscous is my go-to quick carbohydrate on week nights. It only takes about 10 minutes to make, and it was great with the thick soup.
And a big scoop of sour cream.

Since I had a meeting, Jerry was on his own for dinner.
I was very proud when I got this picture message at my meeting.

It was meatless!
He made himself grilled cheese and tomato soup with a salad on the side.

When I got home he informed me that it wasn’t just plain Campbell’s soup and grilled cheese.
He added chopped onion and garlic powder to his soup.
And sliced onion to his sandwich.
And scallions to his salad.

Apparently the key to getting Jerry to embrace Meatless Monday is to substitute the meat for onions.

Works for me!

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