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I hope everyone had a nice Easter.
Jerry and I sure did. But you wouldn’t know it from my pictures. I failed to take my camera anywhere this weekend!

Here is the one shot I took all weekend:

Toasted babka for Easter breakfast. My mother in law makes excellent babka. And the best part is that Jerry doesn’t like it. More for me!

EHH Mom also made a cassata (an Italian Easter dessert) that I also enjoyed for breakfast after church. It was custard-y and chocolate-y and delicious. My Easter day eating only went down hill from there….

I don’t have official news that I passed my glucose screening, but a little birdie* told me my blood sugar was under 100!

My plans this week include a BIG trip to the grocery store. We are out of tons of staples. Orange juice, bread, milk, pasta, rice, cheese, etc.

And this is an important week of fueling for Jerry. Its only one more week until he runs his 2nd Boston Marathon!

Jer at mile 25 in the blue, center

This is the week where part of his training becomes my job. I have to feed him a ridiculous amount of carbs (starting on Thursday) and remind him a minimum of 10 times a day to drink water. And keep the fridge stocked with Gatorade and Tang when he gets sick of water.
Bagels with Nutella are his favorite carby snack, so I will make sure we have plenty of those, too.

My last job this week is to make sure Jerry doesn’t obsessively stalk the weather forecasts for Boston.
Fingers crossed for 55, mostly cloudy, and a wind blowing into Boston from the west on the 16th!

*My birdie is my older sister Kate who works at the lab that processes blood work :)


  1. Nice work birdie! Must be a relief to have the glucose test behind you. I saw a 2lb jar of Nutella at BJs this weekend you should stock up!

  2. busy week ahead,will miss the excitement of watching jerry like last year.
    congrats on passing “test”…now come finish the candy on my table!

  3. I’m having no problem inhaling Easter candy!

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