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When I am making dinner, I always try to make sure my plate has a protein, a carbohydrate/starch, and a vegetable.
I almost always cook with canola or olive oil, so I don’t really worry too much about fat. Plus, when Jerry is training for a race, I pretty much add cheese to everything (to make sure he is getting enough calories).

Last night I went pretty basic with dinner.

Protein: chicken
Vegetable: green beans
Starch: potato

Grilled chicken, boiled salt potatoes, steamed green beans with lemon and garlic

If you wanted to optimize the health factor of this meal, substitute the potatoes for a whole grain or complex carbohydrate. (Brown rice, quinoa, lentils, whole wheat pasta or bread).

We grew up eating a fair amount of potatoes in my house.
My Dad claimed to dislike rice. I think he just preferred potatoes.

The longer we are married, the more Jerry branches out with his food choices. But sometimes he just wants meat and potatoes (and onions, of course).

Summer in central NY is salt potato season. A Syracuse specialty.
I’m not sure if they have salt potatoes in other parts of the country, but around here, they are a side dish staple in the summer. BBQs, fairs, etc, always have them on the menu.

“The Real Taste of Summer!”

The ones I find in my store are always sold in 5 pound bags, and are almost always this Hinerwadel’s brand.
They are basically a small white potato that comes with a large bag of salt. When you drain the potatoes, the salt makes a nice snappy crust on the skin of the potato.
Simple and delicious!

Have you heard of salt potatoes?
Were they a summer staple at your house?

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