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Baby T: Week 37


37 weeks. Check out that awesome ‘I just woke up from a nap’ hair!

The belly is definitely larger than 6 weeks ago.

31 weeks

Baby T:
Is now considered “term”.  She is over 19 inches long and probably weighs close to 7 pounds. Dr B said she is very compact in there, and was definitely still head down.
I’m spending more and more time wondering what she looks like.


Carrying around a 6-ish pound baby all day is exhausting. I am taking more naps than usual.
I am officially up 30 pounds. My feet are getting a little swollen, and all of my shoes seem to be a little tight.
But other than that, I generally feel pretty good. Only one bout of insomnia in the last few days. People seem to constantly be asking me if I am uncomfortable, and I can honestly tell them no. I still feel like a pretty lucky pregnant lady. It helps to have central air :)

My mom helped me put up the sticker mural in the nursery, and I am very happy with how it came out.

I still haven’t packed a bag for the hospital yet, but that is on today’s to-do list.

+/- 19 days until her arrival!


  1. You look fantastatic! And the tree mural is perfect in that spot :)

  2. Looking snazzy! I can’t wait to see how gorgeous your little girl will be! :)

  3. You and the room both look great! I cant wait to hear what her name will be!

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