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Baby T: Week 36


36 weeks

Check me out 16 weeks ago:

20 weeks

Baby T:  Has moved head down!

I am very relieved. At our appointment yesterday, Dr B. initially thought she was in the same breech position (as did I). But he when he checked with an ultrasound, he saw her head was down in my pelvis. Very low, actually!

Sorry I thought your butt was your head, baby!!!

He also noted that she had large feet, and was going to be a “good size”. Apparently she is taking after her daddy :)
I am assuming “good size” mean 8 pounds, because anything much larger than that scares me. That means right now my belly has over 6 lbs of Baby T in it!

In addition to her feet, Dr B. also pointed out her heart, kidney, bladder, ribs, spine, and a few bones.
The heart was the most amazing thing. All four chambers were pumping away. We could even see the aorta and pulmonary vein.

Me: I am feeling pretty good!
I still get tired very quickly, have a few bouts of back pain, and a little trouble sleeping.
I seem to alternate a  good night’s sleep with a bad one. I was up randomly from 3:15 to 5:30 this morning. I guess it is better than insomnia every night!
I was given a sheet at the doctor’s office yesterday that explains the signs of labor. I was basically told I could go into labor any time now. Exciting/scary!

+/- 26 days to go!


  1. You look so fabulous! I love, love, love that top! I’m very excited to see Baby T! :)

  2. SO Excited for you!! You’ll be the best parents!

  3. Lady, you look too cute and glowing! Super exciting! Also, rockin’ purple top!

  4. You definitely look great I’m glad she turned for you and didn’t take after her buddies! I think that was my fav. Maternity shirt!

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