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Baby T: Week 35


5 weeks to go!

35 weeks

The belly definitely sticks way out there.

30 weeks

Baby T:
Her lungs and kidneys can function normally now, and she basically is just adding on some weight. In the 30 week picture they estimated she weighed 3.5 pounds. That means this week she would weigh almost 6 pounds!
We now go for weekly doctor’s appointments. Yesterday, Dr B confirmed that she is still in the same position. Butt low on the left, back up my left side, head on the right. She is sorta half breech, half transverse. He went over a few scenarios about what will happen if she stays this way. I’m trying not to worry about it for at least a couple more weeks. (That’s a total lie, its pretty much all I talk about).
In the meantime, Baby T continues to have hiccups every day. This has been a common occurrence, except now she seems to get annoyed when she has them! She wiggles and punches and kicks until they go away. Poor little girl!

I am feeling a little less exhausted and achy than last week.
My heartburn has been almost completely gone, and that is why I think I weighed 5 pounds heavier at my appointment yesterday. I am up 27 pounds.
No heartburn = shoving food into my mouth 24/7
I’m ok as long as I go back to gaining one pound per week. 
The heat hasn’t bothered me too much, but I am having a little more trouble getting comfortable when I sleep. 
On my to do list this week is to buy a few more maternity clothes. Old ones are getting tight and shirts are getting shorter!


  1. You look great! Can’t believe just about a month left.

  2. I keep thinking of songs with the word “turn” in them to sing to her, tell her daddy! How about “for every season, turn, turn, turn,!” she will be perfect no matter what :)

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