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Baby T: Week 34


6 more weeks!

34 Weeks

Definitely bigger than 6 weeks ago:

Baby T:
Is 18 inches and about 5 pounds. She will only grow a few more inches in the next 6 weeks, and will basically just continue to put on fat and develop her lungs.
I still feel lots of punches and/or kicks on my right side, so I am not sure if she has moved.  There is definitely something large and hard on my left side (her back?), but not sure where her head is anymore. I thought it would be easier to figure out where a foot and a half of baby is hiding in there!

Where are you?!

I continue to get more uncomfortable. I feel like I am doing things in slow motion now. Just watching Jerry run for a few hours on Sunday left me exhausted.
But on the bright side, my new heartburn medicine has been amazing. Heartburn free for 5 days! I’m shoving food in my mouth like it is my job! My scale at home says I am up 25 pounds.
I went to my first pre-natal yoga class on Friday. I really enjoyed it. It focused on relaxation techniques, breathing, and increasing awareness of your body. It included lots of hip stretching as well. I left class feeling pretty energized for a Friday afternoon. It is definitely something I will continue to do once a week until Baby T arrives.

Jerry and I are 99% sure we have Baby T’s name picked out. We are going to wait to share it until she is born.
But I have spent an absurd amount of time on Etsy looking for letters to hang on the nursery wall. That is a dangerous place to shop for babies. So many cute things!


  1. You’re all belly! I’m excited to know Baby T’s name; more excited to meet her! Isn’t it awful to love Etsy?! There are so many great things to buy :)

  2. Cant wait to meet her and know her name! I dreamed her middle name was bernadette! Close??!!

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