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Baby T: 33 Weeks


7 weeks to go!

Baby T:
Is growing fast. At this point she is putting on half a pound per week. That means she weighs over 4 pounds! That is amazing to me, considering I weighed 5.5 pounds when I was born. She is also between 17 and 18 inches. According one source she opens her eyes when she is awake.
Despite her rapid growth, she still seems to be changing positions. She was no longer in a ‘jack-knife’ position like at my last appointment, but she was still breech. Her back was on my left and her head on my right. I thought I had been feeling kicks on my right side, but my doctor said that was probably her hands. Dr. B didn’t seem concerned yet, but did mention the “C” word if she didn’t eventually move (C-section).
One night Jerry and I saw a hand fly across my stomach! So cool!

Have I mentioned that I am tired and have heartburn all the time? Nothing new there.
At my appointment yesterday Dr B. prescribed a stronger heartburn medicine. It was starting to keep me up at night and making me throw up. Hopefully this one helps!
I was also up 23 pounds at my appointment.
I was surprised it wasn’t more. I  pretty much been eat ice cream 5-6 days a week, and seriously need to cut back. Otherwise I have been happy with my diet; smoothies or oatmeal for breakfast, salads, eggs or leftovers for lunch, and lean proteins and veggies at dinner.
I am starting a prenatal yoga class on Friday and am pretty excited. It is supposed to help with posture, breathing, and relaxation. I’m hoping the stretching and position changes will also encourage the baby to flip into the correct position.

Meanwhile the nursery continues to take shape:

How cute are the knobs on the changing table? And those owl book ends?!
I’m also really happy with how the rug looks.

And the crib looks adorable!

We still have a few things to hang on the walls.
The quilt my sister in law made (not pictured) will hang above the glider. A wall decal will go to the left of the dresser, and her name will be above the changing table.
Less than 50 days to go!


  1. That is the cutest room ever! I love all the owls and the changing table looks adorable with the pink knobs:)

  2. so close!! Can’t wait.
    …and you were 5.13! I felt every ounce at the end, along with the 6.2 of sister :)

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