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All about me:
My name is Erin and I am 30 years old and live in Utica, NY.
I am married to my best friend and taste tester, Jerry.

We have a beautiful baby girl named Virginia.








We have an adorable coonhound named Sadie.

For a long time I fought exercise even though I knew it was good for me. While Jerry is an avid runner (and marathoner), I am a casual, fair weather runner.  It wasn’t until I completed a half marathon last fall that I realized that I actually liked exercise.

Using my muscles, sweating, and pushing myself to the max has done more for me than just burn calories. I love the feeling I get when I know I have given it my all in a workout. It makes me feel powerful and confident, both mentally and physically.
It also made me realize that I need to fuel my body with healthy food. A healthy diet is not just about the number of calories you consume, but about what your body needs to perform.

While I certainly watch the number of calories I eat, I don’t consider myself to be on a diet. I choose real, “clean” foods, but there is nothing that is off limits. Almost every day I have a piece of dark chocolate. I like to have a glass of wine with my husband at dinner. In the summer, I go out for ice cream.

I’m learning to make food choices by asking myself “How will this make me feel?” and not “How many calories does this have?”. Food is supposed to make you feel good, not guilty. And sometimes a beer and a BBQ just makes you feel good :)

Working out has finally become something I enjoy. I love taking TurboKick (cardio-kickboxing) classes and recently completed the at home version, TurboFire. I joke that I am actually addicted to these workouts, but it is true. They are amazing, and will leave you a sore, sweaty mess.

I do still run occasionally, and have recently become interested in yoga. I am currently looking to add some strength training to my workouts.
Feel free to leave me some insight on your own food and workout philosophies on my blog!

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