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A Walk in the Park


I had a great time in New Jersey! And as always, the weekend went by too quickly.
It rained most of the day Sunday, so Lauren and I did some shopping for a baby shower gift at Short Hills. Such a fancy-schmancy mall!

Talked myself out of a $40 grilling basket.
Bought a $20 grilling basket :)

Then we met the guys at Zeppelin Hall Biergarten, where we played some Bananagrams. If you like Scrabble, you must try Bananagrams! The four of us frequently play when we are drinking a few beers.

You can sit outside when it isn’t pouring!
Newcastle Summer Ale

After a few beers we picked up Izzy for a walk down by the waterfront. Jersey City is directly across from the downtown financial district/Battery Park.

The new World Trade Center is the tallest one on the left!

Jersey City is also right near the Statue of Liberty.

For dinner we made scallops with herbed creamed corn. We had bruscetta for an appetizer.

Monday morning Lauren, Brett, and Jerry all went for a run in Central Park. They wanted to get in one more long run before the Boilermaker. I decided to walk through the park and take pictures.

The Pond
Gapstow Bridge

Willowdell Arch

Bethesda Terrace and Fountain

The Carousel

American Elms

I had such a wonderful time wandering through the park by myself. Central Park is such a unique place.
We ended the weekend with brunch at the Lighthorse Tavern and a wonderfully spicy Bloody Mary.

I am always sad when we leave New Jersey. My sister and I have so much fun cooking and shopping and laughing. I miss having my twin around every day. Luckily we get to see them both again soon, as they are coming up here next weekend to run the Boilermaker!
It seems like we have a million things going on this week. Bu I at least I managed to stock that empty fridge full of healthy food, and still have plans to fit a run in. Now I’m off to test out my new grilling basket!


  1. nice pics!..what are you putting in that new grilling basket ? :)

  2. Thanks! It’s actually more of a grilling tray, so stuff doesn’t fall through. I tested out shrimp and it came out pretty good!

  3. Great pictures! Come back now please :)

  4. nice Rinny! nothing like family and the city. :)

  5. Great photos! I am a bananagrams maniac! I love the elms photo!

  6. Clare, I was in awe of the elms. So cool. I’m glad someone else loves bananagrams. Who couldn’t love a game that comes in a banana/pouch?

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