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3 Months


My sweet baby is 3 months old!



Virginia is one amazing little person.

More and more I see her personality coming out. She is a strong willed baby who knows what she likes!

I’m not exactly sure how to describe what kind of baby Virginia is. My best description would be ‘the opposite of easy going’.

She is more than willing to let you know when she isn’t happy. If you aren’t holding her right, she has been playing with the same toy too long, or if she doesn’t want to be in her car seat…. You get the idea. She goes from contentedly sucking her fingers to crying in the blink of an eye!

Not that I blame her, she is just a girl who knows what she likes.


Her favorite activities include lots of time on her playmat, going for walks in her stroller, getting her diaper changed, and breastfeeding.



Her least favorite activities are napping and, well… napping.

There are two places she likes to fall asleep: while eating, or in her car seat (in a moving car). This leads to some difficult days for Mommy. I can’t let her sleep on me all day, and whenever I try to move her she wakes up immediately. And when baby isn’t well rested, she is a grump!

She flat out refuses to nap in her crib.

Right now I am fine with her sleeping in her swing.

I’m going to continue to work on a naptime routine and hope it eventually sticks. At this point I think she is a little too young (and strongĀ  willed) to let her cry it out in the crib. Plus, she is still sleeping in 8-9 hour stretches in the crib at night with no problems.

Other than nap wars, Virginia is great baby. She is happy, smiley baby who loves to play!


I am enjoying every second of being Virginia’s mommy!

me and G small


  1. Amazing is right! That face just melts my heart, and what a strong personality she has. I love watching it come out more and more each day :)

  2. Adorable! You must be exhausted keeping up with her but I bet it feels a-ma-zing watching her grow!

  3. What an adorable little girl!!!

    Happy New Year!!! All the best to you in 2013 :-)

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