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26 Week Update


14 more weeks until we meet Baby T.

26 Weeks

Baby: Weighs about 1 and 2/3 pounds. And is about 14  inches, the size of an English cucumber. I saw an English cucumber at the store the other day. I have no idea how that is fitting inside my belly. And she is only going to get bigger!
This week baby’s ears are becoming more sensitive. Jerry is convinced of this after last night. He was singing his nightly lullaby to the her and he got a little kick to the face. I love the look on his face when he feels her move :)
And I’m sure she was just letting him know how much she appreciates his singing!

Her heartbeat sounded strong at my appointment yesterday (the highlight of my week so far). 

Me: I have been feeling pretty good. I am getting more frequent heartburn, but I expected that. I take a Pepcid about every other day now.
I have done less walking last week, but I am getting back on track. I also want to look into a prenatal yoga DVD. 

Next week I have my glucose screening test to check for gestational diabetes. You basically chug a bottle of super sweet orange drink and then have your blood drawn. I am a little nervous. Obliviously I don’t want gestational diabetes, but I also here that a lot of people fail and then have to take a 3 hour fasting test. Which sounds rather unpleasant.
But I read somewhere that only between 2-5% of pregnant women are diagnosed with gestational diabetes.
That made me feel a little better.

Weight: Officially up 15 pounds.

Next week I will take some pics of the nursery. I am currently agonizing over which chair to order.
And a sneak peak at her closet, which is getting full!


  1. 14 weeks!! Yikes, not too far away!
    This blog will be a nice way to look back and see how great you are doing :)
    oh by the way, need anything for pinkpinkpink to hang in the closet for THAT post!? :)

  2. For some reason more and more women are getting gestational diabetes. I did not have it with my first daughter but had it with my second. I didnt have a single risk factor. I am 25, 115 lbs, only gained 20 during pregnancy, runner, etc. I sure hope you don’t have it! Good luck on your test!

  3. HHMom: She seems good on pink. Maybe some purple :)

    FMF: It does concern me that you don’t have to have any risk factors and can develop gestational diabetes. All my other tests look good so far, so I have my fingers crossed! And cute blog!

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