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25 Week Update


Baby T sure is loving this weather!

25 Weeks

This week Baby T is 1.5 pounds and the size of a rutabaga! No idea what size a rutabaga is? Me either.
But she is 13.5 inches long. That seems so big!
She is also putting on some baby fat this week and is growing hair. I keep picturing her with a tiny head of black hair.
Baby T has been moving and kicking up a storm lately! Sometimes I wake up at night and I can feel her moving. I don’t think she is actually waking me up. I almost always have to get up to use the bathroom during the night, and lately have been having a hard time getting back to sleep. I’ve just been chalking it up to pregnancy insomnia. 

I am feeling strangely un-hungry this week. The past few weeks I have been very hungry. This week I keep forgetting to eat my afternoon snack. That is so unlike me! I make myself eat the snack anyways. Gotta make sure I eat those extra 300 calories!
I think my weight is still around 14-15 pounds gained. I will have a a better idea next week when I go to the doctor’s. 
It also occurred to me that I don’t own any maternity shorts. Will have to put finding a pair on my to-do list. 

The weather has been so nice that Jerry dragged out the patio furniture on Sunday.

And this:

Impromptu barbecue time!
With plenty of family and food.

And dogs!

Jerry and I even managed a lovely walk around the neighborhood with the dog later that evening.
We also got to visit our adorable new nephew Carter.
The perfect Sunday!

How have you been enjoying the beautiful weather?

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