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24 Week Update


Baby T is 24 weeks old today!


20 weeks


24 Weeks

Baby T: Is just over a pound and the size of an ear of corn. She is developing taste buds this week, too. She moves all the time, which is still the most amazing feeling.
24 weeks is also important because it is “viability”‘ week. If Baby T was born now, she would have a chance at surviving! I’d prefer she stay just where she is for the next 16 weeks.

Me: This is going to sound weird, but I am starting to feel really pregnant. I can tell my center of gravity has shifted. I need help getting off the couch and have no idea how pregnant women put on their socks.

I can kinda still see my toes…

My belly is finally starting to stick out past my chest.
I was concerned. For a while there they seemed to be growing at the same pace…

My nails are also growing at an astronomical rate.
If you know me than you know I have never had long nails in my life.

I read that this not really due to pre-natal vitamins like I thought. It has to do with increased blood flow while you are pregnant. Pregnant women have more blood in their bodies, and the heart works harder to get blood to the fetus. This is why hair and nails grow so quickly.

Pregnancy sure is a fascinating process.

Weight: I think I am up 14-15 pounds. I’m still managing to walk 8-10 miles per week, which I am happy with. And loving the spring weather!

Cravings: French fries. Actually, that is not true. I want anything I can dip into ketchup.
And I am totally over the chai tea craving. But avocados and strawberries are still high on the list.

In other Baby T news, we got the nursery painted!
Well, Jerry painted, I stressed over paint colors.
The dresser, changing table, and crib are all in there too. So exciting!
Also, MomHH got to feel her kick last week.

Jerry and I are also anxiously awaiting the arrival of our newest nephew, Baby Charles! 
If he doesn’t arrive sooner, he should be here on Friday. Can’t wait to meet him!

Is anyone interested in weekly pregnancy updates? 


  1. If no one else is interested please just email me weekly updates directly thanks!

  2. I like the daily updates :) and it really is great you are sharing.

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